2018 Trilogy Collection: Rolls- Royce ‘Inspired by Music’ Dawn

The 2018 Rolls- Royce ‘Inspired by Music’ Dawn Aero Cowling is not just a superior luxury vehicle it is a one of a kind car truly inspired by music. The vehicle features an amazing BeSpoke Audio system with a white or copper trim. The exterior is in a tailor made Lyrical Copper paint finish which is said to be inspired by the music theme.

The special- edition Rolls- Royce Dawn was unveiled in a sound isolation chamber where a hyper sensitive microphone recorded some of the unique sounds the Dawn makes. The some of the sounds included the click of the turning indicators, sound of an umbrella opening out of the door, and the thud of closing doors.

The combination of all of these sounds mixed with classical instruments created a sample soundtrack just from the sounds of the car! The luxury car is part of Rolls- Royce trilogy which also includes ‘Inspired by Film’ and ‘Inspired by Fashion’ editions of the Dawn.