Prince Charles and Camilla Rode the London Underground for the First Time Ever.

No one would ever accuse Prince Charlesof being a man of the people, but darn it if he’s not giving it his best attempt.

The heir to the British throne, accompanied by his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, today rode the London Underground for the first time ever.


Which raises the question, why?

No, their horse-and-carriage wasn’t in the shop: The royal couple was instead helping celebrate the tube’s 150th anniversary. Obviously.

Of course, their tolerance to muck in with the plebes only goes so far, and the duo actually only stayed on board for the length of one stop—a roughly three-minute journey—riding the Metropolitan Line from Farringdon to King’s Cross.

And the day wasn’t without its diversions: While waiting on the platform at King’s Cross, the pair also posed for photos under a sign reading “Platform 9 3/4” that pays honor to Harry Potter.

Jolly good fun.




Source:  Gina Serpe

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