1826 Restaurant & Lounge, A Glass-Enclosed Dining Refuge in SoBe

Glass houses.

Throwing stones in them: generally frowned upon.

Eating dinner in them: generally okay.

So now that we’ve established that…

Take a crystal-clear look at 1826 Restaurant & Lounge, a sleek, glass-enclosed restaurant and cocktail spot from a two-Michelin-starred chef, opening Friday in South Beach.

Meet Danny Grant. He’s a chef. Did a stint at Ria in Chicago. Also: he’s got two Michelin stars under his belt. Which is all well and good, but… let’s face it—you’re more interested in the brushed-concrete-and-warm-wood sanctuary where you’ll dutifully consume lobster dumplings and some foie over a few cocktails (which, coincidentally, is what this is).

Keep this spot in your back pocket when you’re looking to impress the hell out of some clients or the important boss-type from corporate. (Read: Power. Dinner.) Hold court in a corner banquette and order the grilled beef short rib and an expertly made Old Fashioned. (Read: Power. Drink.)

And in case you manage to forget that, oh yeah, you’re in South Beach, this place has an ultra-lounge that spans the third and fourth floors. So following your dinner, you can move the festivities upstairs for a nightcap or two.

Read: Power. Nightcap.

Source : Urban Daddy