13 Things To Do On Long Weekends

Yes, it’s the first long weekend of the year already. Are we complaining? NOT AT ALL! With all of us still trying to stay strong on those New Year resolutions, we wanted to give you a few options we thought were great ideas to fill up your time on this long weekend….that DON’T involve drinking! Hopefully, they’re not too cheesy for you guys.

According to Elite Daily:

“If you want to get creative with your crew, think about what you’ve always wanted to do and start making a bucket list. That’s one of the easiest ways epic plans are made. Also, you actually have an extra day to do these things, so take advantage of that.”

1. Head to a Museum

Go to A museum







2. Go to the Movies

Go to the movies

3. Go somewhere in your city you’ve never been to. There are plenty of hidden gems in Miami like Stiltsville!

Hidden Gems





4. Go to an arcade or Laser Tag






5. Go to a candy bar instead of going to a real bar

Go to a candy bar






6. See a play

see a play




7. Pamper yourself

pamper yourself







8. Go to a new restaurant you’ve never tried (maybe like Toscana Divino or Umast Italian where you receive discounts if you’re an MCS member)

Toscana Divino






9. Hit some Karaoke








10. 24-Hour movie streaming fest!

movie fest








11. Reorganize your home
(we have all been putting this off for too long)







12. Try a new workout class







13. Try a new recipe….or your first one!

movie fest