100 Fires Cigars now opens at Marlins Park

Marlins Park just got themself a new addition for all the baseball fans who’s going to watch the Marlins plays. Yesterday, a cigar shop called 100 Fires Cigars just have their grand opening for a new branch in Marlins Park. So for those cigar lovers, now you can enjoy cigars while watching baseball game in Marlins Park. Here is some more information about the cigar shop :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Think of 100 Fires as the opposite of those dark cigar dens where regulars stare suspiciously over dominoes at anyone new who saunters in. Here, it’s smooth concrete floors and mid-century modern high-back chairs, with the massive M from the original Miami Orange Bowl and some tasteful AK-47 lamps (it can happen).

It sort of looks like a Wynwood café, really, but instead of hipsters, you’ll find sleek cases filled with more than a dozen good cigar labels—think Rocky Patels, Cohibas, Padróns and Camachos. And if you happen to be heading to the park pretty much right now, know that there’s an opening day party happening with gratis scotch, beer and something about an arm-wrestling tournament.”


According to HauteLiving :

“Frank Martinez, owner of 100 Fires Cigars, explains why he chose Marlins Park as the location for the third 100 Fires store: We opened 100 Fires Cigars at Marlins Park to appeal to those seeking the quintessential Miami experience at a landmark location. Marlins Park is in Little Havana, a neighborhood steeped in the rich folklore of Cuban tradition, and smoking a puro, or cigar, is every bit a part of that rich history.” written by Hadley Henriette.


According to Miami New Times :

“Martinez ancestors were producing cigars as far back as the 1920s in Viñales Valley, located in the province of Pinar del Río, Cuba, an area renowned for its rich and flavorful tobacco. He named his chain of cigar shops after the Cuban city of Cienfuegos — literally, 100 Fires. Although the store respects tradition — the cigar lounge has the letter “M” from the original Miami Orange Bowl on display at the new location — this is not your abuelo’s cigar shop.” written by Ily Goyanes.


Looks like 100 Fires Cigars is going to be a new reason for the crowd to go to the Marlins Park. Stay tune for Miami City Social comments and reviews.