Inspired by our Chinese and Hong Kong roots, Sugar brings an Asian-influenced restaurant & bar experience to the heart of Miami’s Brickell district. Located on the 40th floor rooftop of the EAST, Miami Hotel at Brickell City Centre, a lush garden setting serves as an untraditional hideaway located high in the sky above urban downtown Miami. Our menu combines a variety of culinary heritages; offering authentic Asian flavors, signature cocktails and family style service. A curated mix of sounds by local and international DJs create a fun and laid-back atmosphere, accentuated by panoramic views of the Miami skyline.

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Alex Laudano 25/08/2017
I love this rooftop. Beautiful garden and really nice house music. I prefer when they have the DJ. The cocktails are very good, bartenders not really polite; super nice the rest of the staff; I prefer to order my cocktail from the music area. When outside is raining, they have a fantastic club inside, really trendy and attentions to the details. I love it.
Fatima Lalani 01/08/2017
Great service and staff! It gets crowded there on weekend evenings so go early to see the sunset and reserve a table (2 hour max per table). If it rains they bring you massive umbrellas! There is also a 'secret' room in the back called the Tea Room which opens after midnight on weekends, which has a speak easy feel.
Vitaly Godun 04/08/2017
Spectacular views of downtown and Brickell from the rooftop patio, you can see how much work and quality has been put in designing the hotel and Sugar restaurant. Drinks are perfect and the food is gonna leave you wanting to try the whole menu. On Friday's and Saturdays I suggest coming before the dinner rush to find a good table to enjoy the views and drinks through the night. If you can't get a table right away not to worry because the oversized outside bar is just as awesome as the rest of the lounge.
britny bock 02/07/2017
Initially a pretty long wait to get in. Then you look forward to a 40 floor elevator ride with as many people as they can possibly fit in one elevator. Clearly, you need a drink after this. Unfortunately, it will be about 20 minutes before this happens because there's only one bar with bartenders working at "their own pace". As a woman, going to an establishment like this, you'll probably want to wear heels. Be careful. Between the rock-like and deck-like surfaces covering the rooftop you'll either be off balance or at risk of getting your heel stuck in the gaps in the "deck" surrounding the bar. There is very limited seating. I wish I could say the music was good..... but I can't.
Erick Russell 29/08/2017
The door and Security staff at Sugar on Saturday nights are beyond rude and unhelpful.They are violent and confrontational with patrons. If dealing with Apes at the door wasn't enough to turn you away yet, Two out of three times that I've been there on Saturday nights, the patio bar at Sugar was closed which means everyone is crammed into a tiny tea room for overpriced drinks and bad music. If you are lucky enough to get a bartenders attention that is. The only reason people go to sugar is for the views from the rooftop patio bar. Security told us it was closed because of lightning. The last storm was 24 hours prior and there was no rain or lightning. They do this for 2 reasons.. so that the tea room looks packed and the club looks jumping and so that they can save money. By the time you deal with the front door staff you probably won't even want to go inside anyway. Don't ruin your night by going to this place. Take your money and your friends somewhere else

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