A seafood restaurant featuring classic and modern techniques, paired with a beverage menu of Key West style drinks.

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Antonio Canto 06/10/2017
Excellent bar, outstanding service for Miami Beach. Teething problems in its opening week, but outstanding quality in food and service. The fish is fresh and on display, hard to find in restaurants in America! Well cooked and not overdone by either superfluous sauces or over cooking . Great atmosphere. A wonderful addition to the Purdy Avenue neighbourhood.
Robbie33993 17/10/2017
We’ve been in Miami for a week on holiday Food wise, Miami has the best freshest food we have found in the states We’re from New Zealand, so locally grown organic food is the norm for us Well - Stiltsville Fish Bar is the best food we have had while we’ve been here Every dish amazed us Just when you though it couldn’t get any better you tasted the next dish and WOW! The fish dip was incredible I’m really surprised there isn’t a queue out the door YOU NEED TO EAT HERE PEOPLE I forgot to mention Jason - you need to be seated in his section
Carrol B 17/10/2017
Great new eats and drinks. Friendly staff- delish fish dip.
Jason Klein 20/10/2017
Great Happy Hour with many local microbrew on the menu. Amazing selection of local fish.
Iouri Dovnarovich 05/10/2017