A seafood restaurant featuring classic and modern techniques, paired with a beverage menu of Key West style drinks.

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Tanya Manfrediz 15/03/2018
The food is good. Service is awful so it makes the whole experience really frustrating and not worth the wait. We got wrong drink orders after waiting for them for 20 mins after we sat down. It was wine and beer too not cocktails. Our food came and they gave us no silverware or plates. We ended up stealing them from another table. We had reservations and they accidentally gave our table away and then made us wait. Then the table we got was by the bar and front door so it was really noisy and busy. They did apologize and comp an item but still just an overall bad experience. Honestly go a block down and eat at NaiYaRa. Awesome food and service. Always a 5 in my book and have never been dissapointed.
laurent isaure 14/03/2018
The fish...the fish ...the fish...that is why you go to stillsville. The decor is beautiful and really get this island, keys, Stillsville vibe, the bathtubs full of fish next to the bar let you know that they are the star of the show. And yes they are the stars of the show. So i will suggest to go straight for the catch of the day, and you will eat local, sustainable Fish, and you probably never heard of some of them if your are not from Florida, so let the waiter explain what they are. It is a bit pricey, but seafood is and at least this seafood is local. The only thing that i do not get on the menu is the fried chicken (i know, the Chef is the original Chef of yardbird)..but at least you can bring somebody that doesn't eat seafood.So again it is about the fish ..the fish ...the fish
Inbar Schapsis 13/03/2018
Loved the brunch, even though it was a bit pricey (hey, you’re in Miami Beach!). The restaurant is beautiful and has a very relaxing, Keys vibe. They had live music playing, which was great. From the menu, we especially loved the cocktails, and the corn pancakes!
david southard 08/03/2018
This was our first time to Stiltsville, we sat at the bar for happy hour, the restaurant and Decour are very nice and open, they have a decent happy hour menu, although the service from the bartender Manuel was a little strange, although he was very nice and attentive at times he did pay an extraordinary amount of attention to the two girls next to us who he obviously knew, The strangest things that he did were ... we ordered the fried green tomatoes but received the deviled eggs instead we let him know the order was incorrect and he ordered us the correct item then picked up the item from in front of us which had been sitting in front of us for a little while and gave it to the girls next to us who never touched or ate the items, neither would I if they have been sitting in front of the people next to me for a while, I thought that was extremely tacky and inappropriate for us and for the girls next to us, we had ordered several appetizers already and would’ve ordered many more but that was a huge turn off! then when I asked for another beer he filled the same Glass that I was using instead of grabbing me a fresh glass from the freezer I thought that was very inappropriate, needless to say that was our last drink! Good customer service is hard to come by in South Beach but as a new restaurant they need to step up their training/service. we are good faithful local customers but will take some consideration before going back to Stiltsville
Eric Barton 18/02/2018
This is a cumulative review, based on my first time here, when everything was stellar, and last night, which was a disappointment. Our server was knowledgeable and friendly, but there was just no way he, or anyone really, could keep up with his five tables. We had to get up and ask the hostess for more water and later flag down a food runner for a drink. This was also my first time at a two-top along the north wall; they are three inches from the next table, meaning it’s tough to have a conversation, and elbow room is nonexistent. A couple dishes were a real miss, and perhaps the waiter’s story of a fire in the kitchen last night was the reason. Look, even great restaurants, like this has proven previously to be, can have stumbles. But when paying $100-plus per person, it ought to be perfect.