The brainchild of Sam Nazarian, SLS Hotels has created a new paradigm in the luxury hotel experience that speaks to a global, sophisticated audience. Taking service and luxury standards from traditional 5-star hotels and injecting elements of creativity and community, SLS delivers a guest experience that seamlessly delivers service, style and fun. SLS Hotels are currently open in Beverly Hills, South Beach, Brickell and Las Vegas and are coming soon to New York City, The Bahamas, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

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J S 12/03/2018
Teeny tiny room!!!! No closet and only a wire rod for hanging clothes. But!...hotel is amazingly retro and beautiful. Only valet parking. Two of the male concierge staff ignored me and did not even say hello upon my arrival and after my standing at the front desk for several minutes. A third helped me and was somewhat friendly. Just seems to me there should be a little warmth at the front desk, as this is the first impression and possibly the biggest opportunity to engage a client. You never know who might be at your front desk, and it's an active choice that you should choose to ignore someone when it doesn't cost you anything to be warm & friendly. Also not sure why I should need to explain something so elementary.
Rob Gambino 12/03/2018
BEWARE: FOOD POISONING DO NOT STAY HERE! This place claim this is a technique ( sous-vide) they use to cook chicken! This place does not care about your WELL BEING ONLY YOUR MONEY! They sent me a WIKI link about how the chicken IS RAW?! They are a complete joke and have Zero Management SKILLS! I WAS SICK for 3 days, they claim you get sick 8 hours after eating raw chicken!!!! When the FDA says 1! They will not issue a refund of any kind!!!
lisa reyes 06/02/2018
Great food, service and atmosphere. Higher class of people enjoying the Hyde bar by the pool, inside bar, and formal dining. A lot to do without leaving the Hotel. Rooms were a little small but very nice. Will be going again soon.
Olivia Polack 29/01/2018
Stayed at the SLS while in town for Art Basel Miami 2017 and it was amazing. they gave us an amazing room with all the amenities and the concierge was amazing at getting us into restaurants and clubs we wanted to go. it very neat and boutique.
Jikky Thankachan 28/10/2017
This place does not even deserve one star. They booked a Halloween party for all of the law schools in South Florida and sold tickets for it WEEKS in advance. The night of the party (tonight) , we arrive and the bouncers are holding the door from 11 pm- 12 am so they can start charging cover at 12 am. They said they were at full capacity. If you knew you'd reach capacity, then why did you sell more tickets than you could fulfill? Not to mention, the bouncers are rude. One got irate and ended up closing the doors on us. So, about 200 students were not let into a party they paid for because SLS does not know how to handle a crowd, and doesn't know how to fulfill tickets they sold. DON'T EVER BOOK AN EVENT AT THIS PLACE.