The New World Center Home Of The New World Symphony, America’s Orchestra Academy is an innovative facility for music education and performance with state-of-the-art technical capabilities. Conceived to be at the intersection of music and architecture, the facility boasts a variety of spaces that inspire creativity and artistic excellence.

The New World Symphony is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding instrumentalists. The NWS fellowship program provides top graduates of music programs the opportunity to enhance their musical education with the finest professional training. A laboratory for musical education and expression, the New World Symphony, through a wide range of performance and instructional activities, seeks to develop in participants the full complement of skills and qualifications required of twenty-first century first class musicians. Under the artistic direction of Michael Tilson Thomas, the program offers in-depth exposure to traditional and modern repertoire, with the active involvement of leading guest conductors, soloists and coaches. The relationships with these artists are extended through NWS’ pioneering experimentation with distance learning via Internet2.

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Tiffany Tucker 09/09/2016
Christima Guerrier 16/07/2016
My mom and aunt have been in dialysis for more than 5 years, the people who work here mistreat my mom and aunt each time they go for their days. Story is my aunt can't see very well so my mom wants her to be in a seat where she can keep an eye on her. Early this morning one of the people sat my aunt far away from my mom's reach. They got there early meaning she should be sitting by her sister they knew that but they did it anyways. I wouldn't recommend this dialysis center at all the fact that these people are very disrespectful.
Rolides Pueyo 24/04/2016