NeoVertika is a recently constructed skyscraper in Miami, Florida. Built in 2006, it was part of the recent building boom in Miami’s downtown area, and is located in the Brickell district, south of the main Central Business District.

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Benjamin Von Seeger 08/06/2017
This building Is run by the Mafia !!! The management is protecting intruders and not the owners. They are rude and not helpful, illegal and not registered cars are parked in the spots owned by owner , when they ask to be removed the security starts acting up because they are being disturbed and do not want to work. They give major attitude and really running this place into the ground ! Security is on existent and the head of security doesn't understand the term trespassing .... sad .
Marshall Mann 31/07/2017
The building location and amenities are awesome, BUT the building staff, management and various property managers are AWFUL to work with and definitely not welcoming to foreigners. I would recommend searching for other home locations before looking to rent a space in this unit.
Esther Valdivia 22/06/2017
I was interviewed a while back for valet, out of the four people in the room i was the only one asked "do you have a clean record" i replied yes then i was asked again "are you sure" and they giggled.. I don't think it's correct to racial profile someone, i have no tattoos etc just earrings.
Damaso Daniel Medina 07/01/2017
Worst building ever. The staff and management is so unprofessional. But the worst of the worst is the valet parking service. They do whatever they want. Charge you super expensive rates, very rude, and they have crazy rules about when validation tickets work or not. I am a real estate broker of the Brickell area, and I can tell you that it is the worst service in the area.
Jase Patrick 23/02/2017
Great management and central location to Brickell. No need for a car.