Miami Dade College, a state-supported college with seven campuses, two centers and numerous outreach centers attended by more than 175,000 students. It’s the largest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the most highly regarded colleges in the nation.

Each of our campuses has its own distinct identity and specialties. But, they also offer a broad base of general education courses, allowing you to take first-year classes at any of our campuses (except the Medical Campus). That means you get to decide what campus you want to attend. Take all of your first-year classes at one campus, or follow the path of some of our working students and take morning classes near your home and evening and weekend classes near your place of work. As you begin to take more advanced courses, you may need to focus your studies at a specific campus where your program is offered.

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Anna 29/09/2017
Miami dade college might be a good school but the admissions/registration department is trash. I went to the school one week ago to drop my papers for my residency status till this day nothing has been done. I called several times and they look they are always busy, no one wants to pick up the phone. It's impossible to speak with somoene. When they finally pick up, they told you they will call you back. If a student has deliver all her paperwork needed on time, I don't think that is fair things are not being done like they should. Please make sure you give yourself weeks before classes start so you don't have the same problem as me. This is absoluty unacceptable.
Ethan Stout 26/09/2017
Terrible college. do not go here u will wrk at mcdonalds
prince perry 22/08/2017
It's one of the more common community college's to start off I went there to register and staff is not helpful they sent me to different places and they do not guide you around campus for anyone who is lost. I lived in FL all my life and they want me to pay out of state tuition. Just keep in mind if you want to go here miami is known to be the rudest city, Not nice people here.
Tiauna Jenkins 11/08/2017
Terrible school. No one wants to work. I was supposed to be an online student but was told I'd have to take certain classes at the campus. Why say we can take that degree online if we still have to come to campus. Everyone I speak to won't listen to me and have a "I can't be bothered " tone to their voice. Really wanted to start college this year, but waiting on this school I ran short of time. A lot of time wasted here. Would not recommend this school to anyone.
Raoul Emile 25/07/2017
I truly wish there was an option for NO STARS because that is what this school deserves. I was an online student here, and yet I was forced over a dozen times to drive all the way down there. On each occasion after I had driven down there, I would later find out that it wasn't in fact necessary for me to come in person. The personnel there are incompetent and tell students whatever they want just to get them off the phone. Lastly, I was granted financial aid which was then mysteriously taken back for whatever reason and in the end I was left to pay even after I showed a printout as proof that I had originally been granted financial aid with the amount displayed as well. I even wrote a petition and spoke with the principal, who by the way is extremely callous, unprofessional, and clearly has no concern or care for the students, but in the end MDC still forced me to pay. Needless to say, I transferred out of there and if you have the chance you should too! Hopefully they shut down. All these 1 STAR reviews are for a reason.

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