Located in downtown Miami, Wolfson Campus offers innovative education in a unique environment: the financial, government, and cultural center of the “Magic City.”

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MeiMei Two 11/01/2018
Best professors. I enjoyed all of the classes and I like my school. Advisor helps!!!! I miss my school.
Xavier G. 03/01/2018
It is super quiet and pleasant in the early mornings. The campus is also a great public transportation hub with the automated metromover system. You can go anywhere in downtown or brickell by using it or the motrorail which reaches quite far.
Jonathan Aleman 10/10/2017
Hard to find advisors who are actually willing to help
Moe Elerman 30/08/2017
Clean Campus, and convenient transportation near by. Some buildings are newer than others.
ZenusYT 20/06/2017
I don't go there bt i know that its for learning. ;D