A taste of Asian serenity in exhilarating Miami. Guests enjoy beautiful bay views, the pleasures of our private beach and our exotic, soothing spa. Mandarin Oriental, Miami is an excellent hotel for both your leisure and business needs, offering quiet luxury on the prestigious Brickell Key.

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Maria Carlota Madriz 07/03/2017
Terrible! The treatment I choosed is supposed to detox your body with a body wrap in a warm bed, the bed never got warm, I told the person who was attending me since I noticed because I had the same treatment before, she just ignored my claim and told me that she´ll talk to the manager, I told her to call the manager so they can verify what I was saying and the answer was she´ll talk to you when you´re finish. To my surprise she came with a bag with samples of body treatments, I made my claim and she told me that "in my next appointment they with do a complementary foot massage" and in the next time they´ll do the treatment in another space! Helloooo, it that the answer from a "Manager" to a customer in a luxury spa! Of course they charge me the full price of the treatment including the tip full tip that they usually automatically charge. Worst customer service ever!
alice campbell 21/02/2017
I had a wonderful experience here! I tried the combination massage which combines Swedish massage/Chinese Accupressure/Thai stretching techniques and found that it was the best massage I've ever had, plus I got a discount for checking in on Yelp! The massage therapist's hands were like a magnet to all of the knots in my back that I didn't even know I had, and the stretching at the end was very yoga-esque. There's something to be said for teamwork stretching out your muscles after they've just been massaged and are still warm from hot water towels! I've never really been one for getting a massage on the regular, but I'm definitely hoping to make the Mandarin Spa a monthly routine!
Duddy Dee 07/02/2017
My worst experience... the treatment was far from what i expected, I was told a reasonable price over the phone, but turned out they charged me 5 times the price we originally agreed.
Sara Nguyen 25/09/2016
It's been a few days since my "oxygen facial" and my skin has never looked worse. It looks dull. It has no glow. My skin tones are off. I'm even starting to beak out, and that does NOT happen with a true oxygen facial. I should of ran when I saw that calarisonic brush she used. Oh and I'm pretty sure she used the brightening cream on me after I told her no because now some how magically my beautiful freckles are gone. This was by far the worst oxygen facial I have ever received. Maybe they thought I wasn't a local so they could treat me different, or just straight up judged me. "Illuminating oxygen facial" is what I received for $250 To their packet in my hotel room it says "the deep infusion of oxygen and the customized serum will revive and plump the skin for a picture perfect completion. Your skin will look and feel years younger, visibly lifted, toned and hydrated" My skin looks nothing like that. The lady (who hardly said her name so I don't even know who she is) said maybe five words the whole time. Massaged my chest (? Why) and neck, along with getting all her random creams and serums in my hair.. Never explained nothing unless I asked. I spent two hours there and left with overly oily skin that was not plump and my skin tones were even worse than when I waked in I had called twice before going to make sure this was the right oxygen facial for me, explaining to them what I was use to from other spas. They assured me TWICE it was exactly the same. That was a lie. They only offered me another oxygen facial... The same one I was so upset about. All five or so ladies I talked to also talked down to me and treated me like I was just a number, not a valued guest staying in this hotel who also lives in Miami. I will NEVER be coming back and I will be sure to spread to my 300+ female coworkers about this terrible scam and service. I just wasted my time and money now just to wash it all away and ruin my time with my boyfriend who is leaving town tomorrow.
Sandra Wilson 31/07/2013
Amazing place! The masseuse did miracles! So nice and calming massage. I really felt relaxed and toned! Before that every part of my body ached, but now I feel like a brand new person.