The Epic, part of the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, home of Zuma, Area 31 and exhale spa, located next to the Miami River. This is a happening hot spot at the Zuma bar around 8pm or on a Friday night happy hour at the pool deck outside Area 31. Definitely worth a look

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Henrique Couto 20/01/2018
It was a really neat place, but I couldn’t imagine it costing what it did. Also when I decide to splurge and get some room service I called in my order and it never came. When I called they had no record of me placing the order and by then I was ready to just go to sleep. It really turned me off from even trying any of the amenities. The next day they did call me to apologize, but they offered me a free breakfast at nearly 10:30 (which is when they stop serving breakfast) and said they’d do anything they could to help, but I had check out in less than two hours. Just wasn’t very impressed.
Belly Guenawan 17/01/2018
If I had to summarize my stay at the Kimpton Epic Hotel in one word, I'd simply say, "Epic!" After spending my first couple of nights in Miami Beach staying at the Lorraine Hotel (crappy experience), I spent my last night in Miami staying at the Kimpton Epic Hotel. Yes, it was more than twice as expensive; but you know what? IT WAS WELL WORTH IT! One of the reasons why I was willing to pay more for this hotel is due to the fact that it was almost New Year's Eve and so people were coming into Miami from all over and hotel rates in general just spiked. Another reason is because this is considered a luxury hotel and this is Miami where nothing is cheap. I arrived at the hotel around 11 am on a Friday and traffic was pretty bad at the time: It took me almost 45 minutes to get to the hotel from Hotel Lorraine and it wasn't even that far. But hey, again; this is Miami we're talking about so this was expected. When I checked in, I was informed that they didn't have any room available yet. But they checked me in, took my luggage and also my number so they would be able to text me when my room was ready. Long story short, they actually didn't have my room ready until almost 4 pm. I'm not sure if this is the norm with the hotel or if it was due to the fact that it was almost NYE. But I would recommend AGAINST early check in. And also, if you plan on staying in their lobby, bring a jacket because the AC is freezing in the lobby area. When I got up to my room, however, I was like "whoa!" I've stayed at a lot of hotels: budget, medium range, luxury. I've even stayed in a Marriott Suite before (another 'whoa' moment) so at this point, it's pretty tough to impress me when it comes to hotel rooms. But this room is "whoa!". Check this out: - 55" Samsung Smart TV in the room. - A balcony overlooking the pool (would have been super awesome had I stayed here in the summer). - An opening in the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom so you could soak in the tub and watch the TV (and yes, they have blinds if you need some privacy). - Super comfortable mattress to sleep in (unlike Hotel Lorraine). I actually planned on using more of the amenities being offered by the hotel (gym, wine at the lobby, etc). But you know what I ended up doing? SLEEP. The mattress was so comfortable and I needed the sleep after not being able to sleep well for two nights. I didn't even care to check out the gym or whatever. I just wanted to sleep. ALMOST everything about this hotel is perfect. The only reasons why I'm not giving it a perfect review are (1) no early check-in and (2) not a fan of the valet price and wait time. Your only parking option here is to valet and it will cost you, if I remember correctly, $48 + tax/night. Pretty steep. Would I stay here again? HELL TO THE YES! If you're visiting Miami and you don't mind staying downtown, check this hotel out. You won't regret it.
Erica Van Hooser 03/01/2018
First off pulling up to the hotel is amazing with exotic cars parked right outside. The bellman are very helpful. The lobby was like a museum or art. The front desk staff where very pleasant. We had a room with a pull out bed, when we pulled out the bed there where no sheets on the bed nor in the closet. There where no garbage bags in the trash bins, we got a text message asking how our room was, we requested garbage bags through the text got a response stating yes they would bring some but never did, had room service come in to provide new towels and still no garbage bags. My over all experience was great it's a beautiful hotel!!
Michael Lewis 17/12/2017
Good location, the place passes off as a fancy downtown hotel but too many things didn't work for me. First off, they nickel and dime you on things - parking was $42 per night. I've never heard of having to pay extra to park at a hotel I'm already paying for. A tiny bottle of water was $5. So the room was cheap but it loses value when they jack up the prices on everything else. The coffee cups they have in the lobby leaked. It's pretty to have their logo on the cup but they all leaked. It's an example of how they emphasize form over function. Then the room key didn't work. Several times I had to go to the front desk to have them remagnetized.
Veronica P 11/12/2017
I have visited the hotel's lounge as well as their rooftop bar often. The lounge plays good music, its not usually too crowded and I've never had a bad time. The bar by the pool has beautiful views and Friday nights they usually have some sort of live music. Great spot to pregame before a night out or for after work happy hour when they have $5 drinks starting at 5pm.