The Museums mission is to celebrate, investigate and explore the civic arts of architecture and urban and environmental design, including fostering an appreciation for the history, vision, and cultural landscape of Coral Gables; promoting beauty and planning as well as historic and environmental preservation for a broad audience, including children, families, and community members, as well as local, regional, national and international visitors. The museum optimizes its mission by cultivating effective partnerships, and providing programming that includes exhibitions, collections, educational offerings, lectures, tours, publications and special events.

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Veronica Chao 25/01/2017
The only museum dedicated to the civic arts in S. Florida! Exhibits change a few times a year. Currently they are exhibiting Cuban art from Colonial to Contemporary. Along with Cuban architecture in Cuba and around the world. Monthly live Jazz, events are always free or reduced for members of the museum. As a member I feel that I am doing my part to help educate and enlighten residents and visitors alike.
Larisa Carter 09/06/2017
Museum tells great story! Well organized with awesome information
Raul U 19/05/2017
Cute little museum. Well kept and in a good location.
Manny Prades 19/01/2017
An amazing little museum of Coral Gables right in the heart of the city. This is a great choice of a historic museum to visit if you're in Miami. It gives you an indepth look at how our city once looked before man started expanding westward and the populations began to rapidly increase. You will learn about the founder of Coral Gables, George Merrick who went nearly broke to create and build one of America's most wealthiest cities in the nation. The whole museum should take anywhere between 2-3 hours. It isn't so big, but there is a lot to see in the amount of space they have. So take your time and I hope you get to get an idea of what Miami once started out as. FYI: The building the houses the Coral Gables Museum was a WPA project during the Great Depression that once served as the home of the police and fire departments from 1939 through 1975. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
•GalaxyWolf• 17/07/2017
Nice expositions! I really loved it!

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Stroll through the bustling business district of Coral Gables. This thriving area began in the 1920s. Did you know the Colonnade Hotel was once the Coral Gables Sales Center?

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