Brickell City Centre is transforming the heart of downtown Miami. An achievement in innovation and artistry, the mixed-use space is comprised of two residential towers, two mid-rise office buildings and the EAST, Miami Hotel above a supercharged fashion and culinary experience.

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Shayan Modiri 18/10/2017
This place is so cool! The architecture is amazing and looks awesome. So many stores are here. It has free parking (I don't remember for him many hours it's free and then starts charging you). There is a movie theater, many restaurants and modern stores. You should check it out!
Vincent McHugh 04/08/2017
This is a great new venue for the Brickell Community. In addition to the array of both familiar and novel stores, there are also some excellent places to eat. The environment is open yet comfortable due to the innovative climate ribbon which is both functional as well as visually interesting. Most people in the neighborhood are anticipating the opening later this year of the Italian food market. One of the highlights of the impressive complex is the rooftop bar/tapas restaurant, Sugar, which has spectacular city views. Overall a great place to visit and hangout, with lots of parking.
Stephanie Narcisse 27/08/2017
If you are wealthy or are willing to spend a hefty amount of money in one place then this my be the place for you to show. The place is quite pleasing to eye and very extravagant in my opinion. As someone who wouldn't spend $200 on a shirt I person wouldn't shop here but that's my opinion. I am sure that other may find that they like it better than and that's fine. To each their own convictions.
Robert Kurtzer 13/09/2017
This three blocks Square open Air Mall is brand new. In Florida we have many warm days. Going to this mall on a warm day is very uncomfortable as the only air conditioning is inside the actual stores. This mall attracts a clientele who do not believe in cleaning up after their dogs! Don't be surprised to see feces on the walkways of this brand new mall!
Sasa Cosic 12/10/2017
Clean place and great shops. Would recommend this Mall over all others that I have visited in FL. Architecture looks awesome and ways are short. Just too little food stores.