The Apple Store is the best place to try all of Apple’s products and find great accessories. You can learn something new in a free workshop. Consult with the Business Team about the perfect solutions for your company. Or visit the Genius Bar to get hands-on technical support.

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Francesca Romana 21/01/2018
My mother and I walk into the store knowing we had an appointment. This was the second time we go in and they tell us the appointment was never in the system. So, we try to explain to them that this happened before and so when we made the appointment we made sure our name was in the system. They wouldn't let us explain and was trying to put us in the back of the line where the "no appointment" line was. That's when I asked for a manager so we can go in depth to find what happened. When the manager comes, me and my mom try to explain what happened and the manager rudely states "I'm only going to speak to one of you." I go ahead and start explaining the whole story and he states that they can put us in the front without an appointment and I explain how that's not what we are trying to do we are trying to find our appointment .. and he's like I'll go ahead and make another one next week.. and I said but it's going to happen again it's not fair to us either that you put us all the way in the back for a glitch on your side. He starts getting defensive and says "I'm not talking to you anymore I will have you escorted " is this because he didn't want to find himself in the wrong? ... so I state "are you kidding me? Are we little kids here?" My mom goes ahead and just tries to clarify the situation with him and asked if there is anyway we can find the guys name that took care of us since he also ended up fixing my phone last time. And so I go on and say (nicely avoiding how rude and immature he just was) "yes that's what I'm trying to say could you please look up my phone when you guys fixed it and who looked it up?" And he put his hands in front of my face and says "I'm not talking to you" and decides to aggressively pat his hands on my back. Remind you he was the manager. I could not believe he put his hands on me. Horrible experience and worst service of my life. First, he doesn't try to take care of us nicely, refuses to help a certain way, threatens to have me escorted, and when I try to help resolve the problem ... doesn't talk to me and the manager puts his hands on me.
Ilo 514 17/01/2018
The level of incompetence and inefficiency of every person working in this store is mind blowing. The 2 managers working wednesday afternoon are total robots. As is everyone else in the store. The recite the same memorized responses over and over. Might as well put machines in their place. They would at least perform the job more efficiently.
Yanna Garcia Amistad 16/01/2018
So I had someone assist me in the beginning, I told him all my concerns and had me line up at the “Tech Support” line where I could get “HELP”. I queued for about 45 Minutes until I was assisted, only to be told that I cannot get the help I need because it was “TOO LATE” and I can come back the following day or make an appointment. The store closes at 9:30pm and it was barely even 7pm. Jesse “the guy who apparently runs the Tech Support Team” is VERY helpful in letting me know to come back the following day - obviously he’s doing a great job at sending customers home so he could Clock Out soon! SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE! So much for “CUSTOMER SERVICE”!!
Stephanie Barea 15/12/2017
I worked with Amiel and he was nothing short of amazing! He fixed my problem and listened to me thoroughly and entertained me for the time I was there. He was extremely personable and an all-around great person. Thank you to him!
Desirey Virgin 31/10/2017
I mean its the apple store.. You cant really go wrong. but if i must elaborate the staff is tremendously friendly and helpful. You can't get around the long lines but what make the wait well worth it is the positive demeanor of each of the staff members.