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Desirey Virgin 31/10/2017
I mean its the apple store.. You cant really go wrong. but if i must elaborate the staff is tremendously friendly and helpful. You can't get around the long lines but what make the wait well worth it is the positive demeanor of each of the staff members.
jean vizon 21/10/2017
Mad was not helpful at all. I am disable, i can barely walk. I make the biggest effort to go switch my charger ( i have apple care, it should take 5 minutes dude) and then the only thing the guy says is that he cant help me because i dont have an appointment. Seriously dude? Its not hard to notice that i cant walk. But thanks for the help
Jason Rindler 10/10/2017
Hell on Earth. First of all good luck getting an appointment but even if you do be prepared to wait and wait and wait while you are jostled and herded as you get sucked into the stampede of customers. Then don't expect any original thought or initiative from the staff. To Apple's credit they are very well-programmed but if your problem doesn't fit into some entry in their training manual good luck because their job is to process you and move on to the next Apple zombie as soon as possible. I only came here as a last resort but even if I wanted to come back I can't schedule another appointment. Will happily take my computer and my chances somewhere else.
Sergey Nedossekin 25/08/2017
The issue is that there was only one manager helping with my specific problem. But this guy made my day. He was really helpful. 5 stars to the manager, 3 stars to the Apple store Aventura.
Rashida Jones 01/08/2017
I made an appointment for 1:15pm. I got there at 1:30 and I was told I would have to wait 30 mins to be seen. Horrible customer service. Tons of employees standing around while tons of customers are waiting to be seen. I was beyond livid because I was on my hour lunch break. I was apprehensive over the phone when I made my appointment that it would take long but the rep said no if u make an appointment they will be waiting for you. Guess what? They weren't. I'm disgusted with this location and the attitudes of the employees as I explained how I was misinformed and now further inconvenienced. So to be clear I wasted my lunch break and still went back to work with no phone. Thanks APPLE